Crawling Home Testo

Testo Crawling Home

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I just can't leave this alone; meat for the wolves pulling flesh from the bone.
This is blood that I draw from a stone.
And a scar to remind me of where I was born.
This is what it takes to forgive myself for you.

Don't ask me what I am becoming.
Something that you cannot comprehend.
Completely unacceptable results.
Damaged and desperate.
I am crawling home.

And it feels like something is wrong
When I'm not tethered to this hotel bed
I do what I can to make sense of this mess that I made for myself, in my head.
One day at a time.

When I leave there will be no goodbyes, no explanations.
This is just something I need to do for now.
When I die there will be no funeral, make no arrangements.
What happens on the road will kill us all.
Don;t ask me what I am becoming, something that you cannot comprehend.
Completely unacceptable results.
Damaged and desperate,
I am crawling home.

Show me if this is where I belong
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