Guttershark Testo

Testo Guttershark

I crawled for miles, slit open by a trail of thorns.
I prowled, I prowled for vapid avenue.
slurring every word I wished I said.
Stranded, a nocturnal hell hole.
I have a dread of becoming a martyr.
pry it out. pry it out.
spits back when the clock strikes.
I crawled for miles and miles.
take the palms.
save the fright from...
I sprawled protypical creature.
mouthwide on a cobblestone canvas.
time lapse.
rejected donors.
flee from the scene.
blind numb.
on a whiskey slicked highway.
I'm reeling towards a the temptation at hand.
fog lights.
disjointed lightning.
nausceous nausceous,
I'm drooling right on cue.
I'm sleeping in a pew.
It's all a misconstrued,
god damn this night.
until the beat makes you sick.
the man is void of reason.
I crawled for miles and miles.
till the palm's called it quit's. yeah.
I crawled for miles and miles.
take the palm's
save the fright from...fear grips me.
drained, pissed, drowned.
you might cut a man just to watch him bleed.
you might cure yourself of this plague.
you might spill your gut's to this blood thirsty crowd.
they might think I'm you.
I'm gonne end up you.
you can't shake it the fear the voice the tremble the bittersweet melody is deafening
so hide your broken halo from me.
I crawled for miles
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