His First Crush Testo

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Testo His First Crush

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I'll open up my wrists to let you in and keep you where you belong. Nail my
hands into the oak if I can never touch your face again. Cardiac paralysis.
I cannot breathe. Swallow my tounge if I can't say the words that will save
your life. No matter what always remember you did this to me. I'm left with
when you turned and walked away. No matter what always remember you did this
to me. You've driven me to this. You've turned my heart jet black. Reopen
the wounds and let them drain. Swing the sledge to the mainframe. And to the
one that stopped my heart. I must return the crush. Pull up the floorboards
and expose the ghost of my first love.
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