Millionaires Testo

Testo Millionaires

We fall asleep on the runway underneath the neon crucifix.
where they left the light on for us tonight.
fed myself to the sickness and purge myself to the cure.
we watch the nurses pace the cage.
you and I, we're never gonna die.
never gonna die in the white lights.
you and I are never gonna die.
servants suffocate the king.
we've come to take what we dont need.
and build a prison where cathedrals used to be.
we burn every office, Zombies prowl through the school chanting,
"this is ours to love and take apart at will"
here we are right now.
these wires there woven webs, conceal the blueprints from me.
here we are right now.
sometimes we kill the lights.
pretend that we survived.
we're never gonna die
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