Threes Away Testo

Testo Threes Away

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
the plague.
it came and stole my good fortune away it's not the end, it's just judgement day.
crossed off the list.
I must have some nerve how could I show my face around here ever again it's not worth the silence.
it's not worth a friend.
they say these things happen in threes.
I braved the streets with 1.2.3.sheets to the wind.
I'll see this one through till the credits begin it's worse inside all the soldiers wivers are wearing red I hang my head on what could've been, could've been, couldn't be.
I was graced and forgiven.
now I'm given a second chance to fall now I'd give it all away hopefully I am safe for now.
I'm to blame, I'll admit it.
now I'm given a second chance to fall I was graced and forgiven now I'm given a second chance to fall but it's just like the other ones I know I'll just fuck it up and it's not worth the silence and it's not worth a friend they say these things happen in threes this is the dream that haunts your sleepless nights you try to scream but can't escape the crushed windpipe I'm so easy to attach, you're so eager to amputate this is the one false move I made that left me cursing the day I stopped at all to breathe pour yourself into this night I've been holding out for this, all my life.
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