With An Urgency Testo

Testo With An Urgency

Hey you, young love. don't let them cut out your tongue.
swallow the key to your heart and smile through your teeth.
hey you, young love. dont let them cut out your tongue.
It's only over when we choose to forgive them.
give me your hand when no one else understand's the day the hostages making demands.
we gave ourselves.
when there was nobody else.
we found what we were looking for in the summer.
I never begged to be immune.
to love a heart so out of tune.
but I believed you when you told me I was ruined.
and if the sun comes up again.
I'll be waiting for the others to come in.
they'll never take us alive.
and they can never take away what keep's you safe when you're afraid to lose it all.
just love and nothing more until we love nothing more.
until we love.
hey you. young love and all that's left of us.
hey you, young love
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