Everlasting Testo

Testo Everlasting

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
At dawn u left without a goodbye,
I felt you slip through my fingers as i
watched u fade away
fragile you fought till the bitter end.
i felt my heart
sink it happened so quikly like a blur all i know is
in that moment i had
nothing left to live for
i felt the world collapse on top of me at
My whole life has no meaning,
these walls are falling around
It was all for you just to make you proud now its gone
Now its fucking
gone and i am lost without you
your face the soft sound of your voice ill
never hear again
is this real or is this the longest nightmare cause
it seems
so unreal to ever feel like this.
And on that day that curtain closed I felt
the air drain from my lungs
As half my world left in that breath
and i fear
of whats to come
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