Lets Play God Testo

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Testo Lets Play God

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Mist from the midnight skies
Lands upon the skin Like grey velvet.
I hear my
words tremble
as i call your name ever so gently in a black obsession.
blood shall flow throughout the land,
Carving scripts into the soil and shake
the earths foundations,
blood streams from roses around me and runs a sea of
light lines the ground were you lay for days while hopeful minds were
a withered soul walks alone tender as the heart it left
broken hearts still remain from the day that you were found
scarful memories lie in shards of glass.
with darkness rising everything i
used to know has left in a sudden breath.
Memories stained as the strings of
the mind become torn,
haunting thoughts as the streets are lined with lies of
your taken.
Your last words murmered gently against the late night breeze

with no one there to hear your message was undelivered
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