Rawdawgz Testo

Testo Rawdawgz

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(feat. Tha Alkaholiks)

Say what

Diräkt vo L.A.
Killa Kalifornia
Tha Liks
Zäme mit em B-l-i-doppel g
Züri Style

Schiints meh seit's
Come on, come on

Hey yo yo, wer isch es? Ou nei, das isch doch dä wieder
Wo würklich nüüt Gschiders weiss als luuti Musig z'verherrliche
So ungefähr dicker, dä Querschleger mit spärliche
Erchlärlige zum Thema 'Was wott jetzt dä wieder?'

And I'm the superstar-studded, warmblooded, heavily butted
Rhyme killer from the Westcoast, hate it or love it
When push come to shove it, cousin, I slang em dangerous
You talkin 'bout some bitches, then you speakin Tash's langu-age
Spitfire flows, hot like Swiss miss
I'm walkin with a sag like, 'muthafucka, twist this'
It's all about Tha Liks and 'sheanz, ma saiz', I blow up
Katash come to your country and dig your fuckin hoes out

I lay up with two of em
Roll in a club with a few of em
Shit, I got a whole crew of em
Maybe you love em, I don't go that route
I just rock - rock - rock the house

[CHORUS: Tash]
Rawdawg from the underground, everybody bounce to this
Bligg is the smokiest, Tha Liks is the liquidest
Wo sind all di Ladies? (Daa) Wo sind all die Hünd? (Arrf)
Lass die Party rocke und bring all dini Fründ
Rawdawg from the underground, everybody bounce to this
Bligg is the smokiest, Tha Liks is the liquidest
Bounce, tanz, stöhn und gump
Dänn dä Sound da dröhnt und pumpt

Y'all niggas would if y'all could, but y'all can't so y'all won't
Straight from L.A., California, got that Likwid antidote
For the disease called wack MC's
Nigga please, straight from the 213

Mer kennt die Type scho am Ton aa, lönd mich ans Mikrofon, y'all
Vo Züri ou ja, nach Los Angeles, California
Dr Chefrocker we eu gschmeidig macht wänn ihr festhocked
Und ohni dass er's eigetlich wett dä Rescht topped
Ihr Scherzpoper mit euem Bullshit händ null Stich
Dänn ich sorg eigehändig däfür dass min Styl zu Kult wird
Bounct das Züüg? (E schoo!) Isch das Sound für d'Lüt? (E schoo)
Dänn isch ja guet, Volk, I gib mal ab zu mim Maa J-Ro

I make Swiss cheese, French bread and US lettuce
A nigga gotta eat, that's why I rock beats
Ice bling like Iceland, gold like the coast
You can't fuck with us cause we doin the most


I'm the rawdawg that ate the cat like Take That
I like my cash thick like pancake stacks
In fact, I got hoes with great backs
Big titties with the creamy middles like Faye Black's
I'm solid, all the way through, you should be too
From my Adidas to my black Dodger hat I'm pure truth
Es gaht abä wie das (und chunnt uä wie säb)
Let's bring it back, that old Westcoast rap

It's Tha Liks mit em B-l-i, däm Typ vo Bligg 'n Lexx
Für all die Rawdawgz und Chickenheads wo mit us sind
Was vermittled wird isch es Bitzeli Funk zmitzt is Gsicht
Mit emenä Flow wo bis is Detail entwicklet isch

Tash apply the warpaint, I'm trained to make you faint
Tash'll be like: fuck (biiiiiii) - fill in the blank
I can, you can't, you can't, I can
In Switzerland with my homie Mr. Than


Come on
That's how we do it y'all
bis nach Züri
Bligg, muthafucka
Alkaholiks, muthafucka
Sheanz ma seiz

[E-Swift x2]
You better be ready to flow
You can't drink with us, you're broke
You better be ready to go
We got the smokey-smok
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