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Testo Rawdawgz (feat. Tha Alkaholiks)

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bligg: hey yaw yaw wer isch es? ou nei das isch doch dä wider / wo würklich nüüt gschiders weiss als luuti music z?verherrliche / so ungefähr dicker dä querschleger mit spährliche / erchlärige zum thema was wott jetzt dä wider / tash: and i?m the supastars studied warmblooded heavenly butted / rhyme killa from the westcoast hate it or love it / when push comes to shove it cousin i slang em dangerous / you talk about some bitches then you speaking tashes language / spit fireflows hot like swiss missi walking with a sack like muthafucka twist this / it?s all about tha liks and sheanz ma saiz i blow up / katash comes to your country and digg your fucking hoes out / j-ro: i lay up with 2 of em roll inna club with a fiew of em / shiiat i got a whole crew of emmaybe you love em i don?t go that route / i just rock rock rock the housechorus: raw dawgz from the underground everybody bounce to this / bligg is the smokiest the liks is the liquidest / wo sind all die ladys? (daaaa!) wo sind all die hünd (wrrrraff!) / lass die paarty rocke und bring all dini fründä / raw dawgz from the underground everybody bounce to this / bligg is the smokiest the liks is the liquidest / bounce! tanz! stöhn und gump! dänn dä sound da dröhnt und pumpt!tash: yall niggas would if yall could but yall can?t so yall won?t / straight from l.a california got that likwuit antidode/ for the disease called wack emcees / nigga please straight from the 213 / bligg: mer kennt die type scho am ton aa lönnd mich as mikrofon yaw / vo züri ou ja nach los angeles california / dä chefrocker wo eu gschmeidig macht wänn ihr fescht hocked / und ohni das er?s eigentlich wett dä rescht toped / ihr schertz-poper mit euem bullshit händ null stich / dänn ich sorg eigähndig däfür dass min styl zu kult wird / bounced das züüg? e -schoo! isch das sound für d?lüüt? e ? schoo! dänn isch ja guet folk ich gib mal ab zu mim maa j-ro / j-ro: i make swiss cheese french bread and u.s letters / a nigga gotta eat that?s why i rock beats / ice bling like ice-land and gold like the coast / you can?t fuck with us cause we doin it the most / chorusj-ro: i?m the rawdawg that eat the cat like take that / i like my cash thick like pancake-staks / in facts i got hoes with great backs big titties with the creamy middles like fake blacks / i?m solid all the way through you should be tooth / from my adidas to my black dutched head I?m pure truth / es gaht abä wie das bligg: und chunnt uä wie säb / j-ro: let?s bring it back that old westcoast-rap / bligg: it?s tha liks! mit em b.l.i dem typ vo bligg?n?lexx / für all die rawdawgz und chickenheadz wo mit eus sind / was vermittled wird isch es bitzeli funk zmitzt is gsicht / mit somenä flow wo bis is letscht detail entwicklet isch / Tash: tash supply the warpaint i?m tank to make the thank tash is be like fuck ?bliiiii? fill in the blank / I can?t you can you can?t i?m can / in switzerland with my homie mr. than / chorus

Scarica la suoneria di Rawdawgz (feat. Tha Alkaholiks)!
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