Banish From Sanctuary Testo

Testo Banish From Sanctuary

In deserts I was preaching the hand of god was with me baptized with water and I praised the one who came behind me to save us all with the holy ghost a prophet of the fools I've been lost I'm sure you're there wandering around but do you care for me I'm alone you talk of love not for me in my dungeon cold I could think about all the things you've said but I can't understand you famous son (Lead: André) I left the way of heaven or did you lead me from it Ref.: No No turning back I'm banished from Sanctuary the darkness in me is filling me with pain there's no way to turn back for eternity In shadows I'm walking and caught in loneliness deliverance I wait for but how long? are you the one who should come show me the light in you or should we wait for someone? Another! Ref.: No... (Solo: André / Lead: Marcus / André) Your reich should come to this world your way smoothed by my blood, friend my might will decrease but you'll get high, yes so much higher be careful of the rats, friend cause they'll never sleep before they catch you, too The blind can see the sun cripples walk alone the deaf can hear my words they believe just believe they believe in me Look! The signs are near to perform my task to perform my way to perform the way I walked the way of the crucifix (Lead: André) I hear the hangman coming I wait for execution Ref.: No...

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