Revelation, Now! Testo

Testo Revelation, Now!

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Would it be such a shock if you showed your beloved face?
Put an end to all doubt, `cos you can`t fucking judge me

I never meant any harm
You are God, capital G
If you read all my thoughts then you know why I don`t believe

Why wouldn`t you let me in?
Point your finger at this, point your finger at that
Just clear up all the mess and set the record straight

Revelation, now!
Come out wherever you are

A mother in grief, cancer ate her daughter
Give me ONE reason why, justify the slaughter

They were dragging the lake
Young girl in black bag
Where is your helping hand?
Now you know why we don`t believe

But for the girls we must believe

Revelation, now!
Come out wherever you are

Come out!
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