Down The Road Testo

Testo Down The Road

Fighting for my dreams against the world
I look into the mirror and I'm a strager to myself
Now is time to show you that I can
Find the answers... Yeah
Steo by step I've been reaching my own goals
And thousand miles I've travelled searching for the golden dawn
Now you left me and I'm all alone
I spread my wings to carry, carry on

We will find... all the answers
Time goes by... while I'm driving down the road
Take your chance... to be free again
Shining star... with it's light will always take you down the road

[Solo1: Ebelman]
[Solo2: Atxondo]

That's enough, I'm bored now I'm taking control
Is my life I'm moving out, breaking through the walls
Take away your fears... I'll show you what's the way
It's the time to live my life, take me out of here


...will take you down the road... Take me...
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