Eye Of Horus Testo

Testo Eye Of Horus

[PART I: Osiris Destiny]

Long ago... Osiris was murdered by his own brother Seth.
His body was turned into 14 pieces and scattered through Egypt

[PART II: Isis Cry]

Anger feels stronger as time is pasing through my eyes
No answers, just sorrow... Someday I will back you into life
Don't leave me, don't leave me
Don't leave in the shadow of the night
Don't leave me, don't leave me
Someday you will find the afterlife
Ohhh Noooooo!!!

[PART III: Horus Revenge]

Now it's time! Avenge Osiris death
'Cos to the dark he must return
And I've been waiting for a glory night, and it's coming near...

Skies above the rising sun,
Through your eyes I'm gonna trace our destiny
For eighty years the sun won't shine
And my thirst for revenge will be free

Far away gods will see the end
And from the darkness I've returned
To cry my victory and rise my hands to the sun above

Now the stars will guide our hearts
To release all the power we got inside
The all seeing eye is the key
To find out the thruth of our life

[PART IV: The King Of Afterlife]

After this nightmare, our lands united
Forever will be
I give you my eyes as a way of life
Hail to the King of Afterlife

[Solo1: Ebelman]
[Solo2: Atxondo]
[Solo3: Aragon]

Eye of Horus, eye of Horus...
Eye of Horus, eye of Horus...


And to guide out my dreams to the light
'Cause someday we will fly through the skies
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