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Inserito il 31 Dicembre 2005
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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The time has come, forever we ride always against our enemies
The night is falling, the stars will arise, nothing to afraid in the fight
For this land...

The Invaders I see, the ships made of steel
Beware of the forces, beware of the beast
There is no place to hide, the field seems a hell, fire is falling from skies


And now... we are living to fight, now... we fight four our rights
We left our homes to follow the light, mankind will always survive
The future we had seen in the hands of a time soon to over


Fly, and reach the skies, somewhere the sun will shine bright on you
For the liberty, liberty, liberty again we'll fight till the end

The cruelness of war we're carrying inside proud of our ancient legacy
Screaming for mercy, my victims will die, we must protect our land



[solo 1(Elbelman)]
[solo 2(Atxondo)]


Scarica la suoneria di Liberty!
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