A Blaze In The Winter Night Testo

Testo A Blaze In The Winter Night

[Music & Lyrics: Nazgûl]

Summoning voices from distant fields
calling for magic of Satanic might
In midnight storms and thunder
around flaming stakes the witches dance

A fork of lightening cracks the sky
like a blaze in the winternight
still, heard are the hymns
the hymns invocing Satan

The light of day is now cursed by Him
and united is his warrior hordes
the pale cold light of the moon and the stars
now blessed by he who reigns in flames

so, creature of the night behold!
hold with pride your banners black
and to thos that tremble in fear
His voice speaks with thundering might

I have given life to shadows grim
and blessed this world with darkness
now kneel and swear allegiance to me
for the future to come is mine...
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