Dying Breed Testo

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Testo Dying Breed

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
On the altar filled with flies
Lies the corpse of Jesus Christ

Branded face, expressed in fear
Open wounds with steaming blood
Fills the son of God

Odious Jesus, swindler priest
Feeble Christians, dying breed
Snake of Eden, spawn of sin
Bites the hand of the two-faced king

Crucial moments of despair
Drooling blood whilst saying prayers

“Save me father” Jesus weeps
Drowned in noise from ringing steel
Odious Jesus, swindler priest
Feeble Christians, dying breed

Faith that is bound to a shimmering sky
Now make way for the evil sign
Blow the horn, call antichrist
Father Satan, send your son
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