In Melancholy Testo

Testo In Melancholy

In solitude, in absolute silence
With a candle lit I drink to die
Mournful shadows dance upon the torn walls
Whispering voices moans the time is right

... And shattered lies all hope

Tears mix with the blood on the floor below
Pain will end, released from living

Is this hell I wonder?
Indeed a place of agony
Ruled by gods of sadistic delight
Please end this wounded human life

I raise my glass and drink to die
Melancholy... released from living
The blade runs deep in human flesh
Finally... released from living

So cold... suffering... agony
The only warmth I feel is fresh blood
Screaming voices says the time has come
And with a smile upon my cold blue lips
I draw my last breath and fade away
Salvation... life is hell
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