From The Outside Testo

Testo From The Outside

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
Who are you now? I can't see past the mask you wear a smile who are you
know? you faces shines like the sun but your hate has life of its own who
are you now?impure from the onset you desire to destroy who are you now? you
saw the seeds of dissent in the name of free speech the only love you know
if for yourself your opinions change with the seasons as do your beliefs
with a smile you twist the blade your words are bitter they bring no relief
your ego knows no bounds if only you knew you can say so much with you
silence contain your thoughts open your mind shut your mouth you weapon of
discourse let this be the lesson learned that there is another way I will
never tolerate your endless lies your foolish words fall on deaf ears I will
never tolerate your endless lies you will fall face first on the platform
you adore you use the weak to expound your shallow views you have nothing
left to say you are less than nothing who are you now? I can't see past the
mask you wear a smile that shines like the sun who are you now? who are you
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