When It All Began Testo

Testo When It All Began

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
My friend's have my back
they're always there for me
I'd like to take this opportunity
to express just how much you mean to me
In every thought and in every dream
you mean the whole world to me
two years went by so so fast
And I pray to God that this will always last
I'll carry on until the end of time
With faith that you'll remain in my life
You were there when it all began
And you always held true
Never put us down, never walked away
so i'll be ther efor you
You were a friend like no other
You always had my back
Your love keeps pushing me forward
Keeping me on track
*I'll take this opportunity to say what you mean to me
In my thoughts and in my dreams, you mean everything*
All I'd like to say is thank you
If you werent in my life, I dont know what I'd do
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