A Liar Inspires Some Insecurity, Arguably Testo

Testo A Liar Inspires Some Insecurity, Arguably

She says you pushed me too hard
I said you pushed me away
So you think that I would lie to you
So you think that this was all a game?

The day you walked away from me
You took a piece of my heart with you
I must have been sleeping with my eyes open
When I thought friendships last forever.

I wake up kicking and screaming
Unable to understand this mess.

What have we become?
Who are we now?

Look into the mirror and tell me if you recognize the face you see in front of your fucking eyes.

Oh, this is who we are
Every single memory that we let die
Oh, this who we are
Everything that separates you and I

I am shaken
I am broken
Condemned by the words of a liar.

They fucking lied.

I hope you find someone to take my place
When I'm no longer there by your side
I hope you one day see the truth
And find me where you left for the other side
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