Diseased Testo

Testo Diseased

Social Suicide
Visions of ghosts
Haunting our pasts
In our dreams

There's something that's been bothering me
A pain that nothing could heal
I wear it underneath my skin
So that no one will ever see
It keeps me up through-out the night
I scream always wearing a smile
I find some comfort in its power
I feel safe in these sick thoughts

When I get like this
It feels like no one's safe
You better run for your life
This disease is killing me
Eating me from the inside out
My flesh decays as time goes by
No one escapes from this alive
A gentle poison rules us all
And we let it take control

Wash over me
It feels like rain
Wash over me
And cleanse my soul
No more regrets
Embrace this curse
We are all love
And we create
We are all hate
And we destroy.

You're a part of me
I'm a part of you
And when this is all said and done
Will you still remember?
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