More Than This Testo

Testo More Than This

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Can you feel the burn
It stings

Open your eyes
You deserve more
Wake up, up!

They're the one that have been keeping us down
Far too long
Stopping us from getting too far
Too far up
This is when we pick up the fight
We want more
Reach for the skies
Don't back down

Slaves to a system,
We are trapped.
Working for nothing more
Than a check to buy
The scraps that fall off their plates,
The shit for which they don't have a taste.

Can you feel it in your bones?
This is not a dream.
There's something wrong
With all this misery.

I won't lay down and let them rape our dreams
I won't let them take control of my future
I will be master of my own universe
I will not let them hold me down.

No more rules
This is your life
So open your eyes
You deserve more than this now
Wake up, wake up!

Can you feel it?
This is not a dream.
There's something wrong
With all this misery
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