Demon On The Run Testo

Testo Demon On The Run

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
There's a lesson waiting to be learned
A proud person dying to be burned
A baby ready to be cleansed
And a harlot trying to make amends
Anger in a young man's heart
With a vengeance breaking apart
A wild dog bleeding inside
For a piece of someone's hide
But remember when the curtain tore
The enemy began to roar
Thinking he had won the fight
Not knowing the power of the Light
But He rose up in three days
After overcoming the grave
Now the wild dog bleeding inside
Has to run and has to hide
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
The Lord has taken command
The Kingdom of God is at hand
He lives in you and me
Oh the Lamb has set us free
By the power of His grace
Only He reserves a place
For each and everyone
Who believes in His Son
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
Demon on the run
Demon, demon you've been screamin'
He's got ya on the run
Demon, demon you've been beaten
By the Son!

[Music & Lyrics: Les Carlsen, Paul Jackson and David Zaffiro]
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