Hey You Testo

Testo Hey You

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey you walking in the tight blue jeans
Your eyes are burning and your face is pretty mean
The light is red but your eyes are blue
You try to look good but you know it isn't true

You cross the street you're half way there
You're on your way to Hell but you don't care
You don't know where you're going
You haven't got a clue
When the party's over whatcha gonna do
Hey! Hey you!

Truth grows dim your innocence lost
Your name was called when He was dying on the cross
Sooner or later you must decide
You've tasted Hell now let Jesus be your high

You're flyin high on Sunday but Monday's on a roll
Too many white lines on a sea of glass
The snake has got your soul
You should be on your knees
'Cause your nose is frozen but your heart's not pleased
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