Convoy Testo

Testo Convoy

I'm royalty throwin' down, so turn up the percussion Let me fill you all in to my little introduction I'm a micro making sticky by a quarter to three Let your girfriend touch my penis and send you out when i please Well I'm knockin' my boots and when I'm knockin' my boots and when I ... Oh Jimmy Pop here in a jiffy heat me up and add oil I'm like a zit a wart a cyst a festering boil I get under your skin and I sebaceously form I'm hingin' on your dream like ... I'm the ... cradle turns you out ... been about ... whisky ... around you without a doubt Kickin' it kick it kick it all the way live Sweeter sweeter the sweeter sweeter than a bee hive And I'm javin' javin' javin' javin' all that jive Livin' live large is the way that I try Strong enough for a man but now I'm dazed as a ... She's ... as Chutes and Ladders and ... the EQ Over ... is ... and too young for ... Stuff a turkey I would ... and father it with gravy Now I'm mockin' Ultra Man and I hate to ... My skin's so damn ... thinkin' something's thats ... When it comes to the ladies I prefer the one night's stand I'd rather deal a bitch than put my dick in my hand Women are the reasons for the biggest complications When it comes to wackin' ... you know there is a reservation I got a like Richard with the school is Michael Knight With an attitude ... fly a kite Me and KGB and Mike we just don't give a dang We're bad ruly gangsters we're the Apple Dumpling Gang And like ... chicken I'm finger lickin' it good I could tell `em ... as well as I could Tastes like blackened coffee ... vanilla ... as the drop I said turn the micro... on to the ... like Jimmy Pop We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy He's got a mind like Einstein and hair like Ralph Mouth Skippy K's like peanut butter on the roof of your mouth My name is Skippy K and I'm the ... back And I'll make your heads go spinnin' as if you were smokin' crack We picked the point in time to get with some kind of knack All of them is wack Jack so ... to the whole pack We're in the captain's category, division league of our own So if you have to be the ho call us up on the phone Once again I'm Skippy K and Bloodhound Gang is my group And we'll play you Willie Rogers when we're rhymin a loop A loop it loop it loop it bustin' out through the air So now you wanna hear some rhymes from my man if you can I got my hand in my pocket and my finger's on the trigger My pulse is gettin' ... still not gettin' larger We boomin' crashin' crashin' boom we're just like the thunder What doesn't kill us makes us larger so you better put us under Under the sea in an octopus's garden ... steal the Bloodhound Gang if we beg to your pardon Don't you have to give us ... for our ... screw Yeah we should let you ... us and you were standing on our shoes But who wouldn't K? Whatcha know is ... ..nny We'll give you the moon but we'll make your day sunny Stuff it deep inside just like a Jack-in-the-Box Ya eatin' bageles and locks and we're out with your socks Your socks your socks your slave would have been smarter ... too stupid for like you were Jimmy Carter We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy I'm Jimmy Pop y'all I'm Jimmy Pop y'all I'm an Alkaseltzer that's right you're a seagull Now I'm clearin' up my mess and I'm makin' some space For ... Micro Bo Bass So don't get me mad or I'll turn loose and ... Like I'm built like my skills so get your hands off my ankles With black ... hand I'll turn into a Ninja Cut you up in seconds like a ... Tear me down we're on a Rampage, it never gets by Like a ... my laundry ... sirens Sleep a day for a week like I'm a Rip Van Winkle And I'm only wakin' up when I'm takin' a tinkle Jimmy Pop in your mouth like a tuna there are two Because there's a rock in my shoe and ... might be you (AHHH!) (AHHH!) (AHHH!) (AHHH!) So if you try to be me y'all just livin' a lie Pack up all your belongings kiss your momma goodbye Drive away in a car I'll put a ... in a rap ... Like the Hardy Boys are makin' noise and ... around the plot See everybody overlooked the fact that ... was a Nazi ... make the lantern jammy jam and shake the ... Yo wanted twin powers ... more ... than ice my breakers Now I'm ... ... challenge my authority `cause being in my presence ... survive ... ... mic in my hand I will start to ... I'm the ruler of the world ... auf nouvedersen We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy We got ... the night Convoy We got ... ain't she a beautiful sight? Convoy

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