Terror From The Graves Testo

Testo Terror From The Graves

[Music: Vomitory Gorification, lyrics: Mortifico]

Convulsive corpses break the coffins
The eyes rolled upwards, They have no conscience
The undead will walk to rip the flesh out
Impetuous death, your vision become tinged with blood


They're drooling over your flesh and your blood
Cause finally, you're nothing more
Torso devoured, The arms are ripped off
Blood-splattered flesh, The teeth penetrate
Your opened throat

Blood is spurting from the arteries
The terror comes from the graves

Rotting in a pool of blood
The undead's bread dwell in your heart
The undead rise, the undead march
The undead devour

...This isn't a nightmare, just open-wide your eyes...
Terror comes from the graves...
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