Breathe Easy (Love 4 Music Remix) Feat. Jamie Summaz From Vs Testo

Testo Breathe Easy (Love 4 Music Remix) Feat. Jamie Summaz From Vs

Breathe Easy (Love 4 Music Remix) Feat. Jamie Summaz from Vs INTRO Say it's over now, going for a while You've got it in your head I ain't sleeping in my bed Curse me inside when I made you cry Come back into my life make it up to you tonight CHORUS Tell me why Did I walk away to find him Holding what should be mine Can't breathe easy I can't even sleep, if you ain't next to me girl Baby I'm so sorry Can't breathe easy The way you hugged me, said you love me or call me honey It gives me butterflies in my tummy And when you touched me I have to said you never bore me Forever known it, if you need me you know what to call me When your horny shorty A problem came and I'm to blame Ever since you walked away that's were things change You were tripping coz I'm always chilling with my crew You said "I don't have a clue what's going on with me and you" It's like a game of snakes and ladders baby Driving me crazy and I just don't to be your lady Not even maybe in the past that you've acted too shady Now can?t you see That I'm moving without you coz it's just ain't right And I need someone who was true from the start I know you feel it's not a fully grow man It was an act like a kid I fill a lake with the tears I cried Over you And now you know I'm gonna say good bye My love is through CHORUS I see you looking at me and I wondering why Coz when we were together you had to wondering eye Looking in all the wrong places When you had it at home, now you're Drowning in your sorrows coz I left you alone I tried to break it and see a light Pull it up so polite And you tried to black the scripts And you didn't want to hear it And you didn't want to listen All you wanna do is talk Well the talk is no good to me Because you never walked the walk Me? How can you say this after all we?ve been through You're my flower, my boo, to you I stay true Ok I'm not perfect in an all perfect world At least I found someone I can call my girl I know I was a fool and I don't wanna do And I know buying you shoes won't make it cool Can we kick back, relax up in the flat and have a chat And sort it out like that CHORUS I wish that I can come and mend your broken heart And take you back to good times right to the start But right now it feels like we are worlds apart I need your hands help guide me through the dark If you think about it's practically the same I forgot my head a little and cause your pain To be honest I don't care what your friends gotta say Coz they never really like me in the first place Maybe coz the man he treat you bad Or maybe what we have they never had I think they're jealous of that very fact My baby please forgive me, I want you back I miss those little things like way you talk And that super special things like the way you walk I don't give a damn if this sounds cheesy It's simple without ya I can't breathe easy CHORUS 3x INTRO

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