Coffee And Snow Testo

Testo Coffee And Snow

Its Cold Yup!
first i came home

and next thing you know a blanket of snow

cancelled a show now im chillin

i cant let go i got a cats that fillin

hands to the ceilin but i kno i cant be hold up in this spot for long

with a beat this hot and not drop the song

with pajama pants on
a chance to make

with an old school head call a classic take

track eight to the new jacks and thats the breaks

i hate fakes with a passion

cant get enough of everlastin basement assassin

chasin a dragon not cause im asian

more cause we need more fire to warm these nuts

keep them toasted cold might shiver them up

and a snow plow truck aint given a fuck

we'll dig ourselves out of the hood

with mind over matter but the matter came first

brown show you how the thang works

takin them to church like came but we seein his dreams in reverse

say we need more self of steam

i say we need free first

water for that deep sea thirst

hotta than a philippine street i make the heat worst

callin out the sun wont see a penny out of bail out fund

so i gotta keep it current or im laid out gun

buildin up a fort just in case out front

screen fades out

credits in star throwed out now with the lenin and the marks

veterans of wars ways in our backyards now

no surprise kids its kinda swords wow

and i came from an ile never seen a blizzard so the weather stays foul

but a group on as i got grown Blue Scholars got started i was sleepin on frutons at home

cant complain with my people starvin thats the reason why i dont rock no crystaleen carvin

and my folks keep callin

and the snow keeps fallin

and 09 keep marchin

sincerely Geo And Sabzi Gotta get that Coffee

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