Sagaba Remix Testo

Testo Sagaba Remix

Sister sits on the steps, cigarette rests on fingertips
Sippin slow death through her lips
Blows a kiss that I can not resist
She got that ill gift of gravity, thick
Like the tension cut quick with formalities
Hi, my name is Geo whats your zodiac sign?
She replies its Aquarius and thats a wack line
Decline the invitation to partake in a square
Mezmerized smoke dissipates in the air
I can conjure up the fearless defined in conversation
Body language talkin but lost in the translation of her name
She said brothers tend to mispronounce it its Sagaba
Tells me what it means, in Ilocano it translates into suffering
I'm pondering the irony, building on our so called civilized society
The storyteller stops, waiting for the beat to drop
Gathering his thoughts in a cloud breathin out

It's like that yall, it's like this yall

Now I couldnt stand to see the queen
breath her dreams away
Either way we go things are gonna be okay, so they say
Said that I used to know a sister just like you,
beautiful but jaded by the multitude of men who'd often try to
justify their lies with
manhood deficient twisted notions of survival
Insecure seein even lovers as the rivals
and hidin behind the armor and karma completes the cycle
I'm sick of all this metaphor philosophy
You got a man, whats your man got to do with me?
you see between you and i is a thin line we stand by
But if we ever find ourselves on the other side
then time will stand still and whole worlds will collide
we hardly know ourselves if we've got nothin to ride for
a struggle to live to the fullest and die for
and make love and wage war for

It's like that yall, it's like this yall

Dreams be the ashes burned thrashing in the wind
Flying from the burning bush flung from her fingers
and it hung in the air, in this moment of truth
then it crashed into flames like the end of our youth
We gettin trapped in extractions, reality bites back
We casually fight, lackin the insight to spite that
Opposites attract, but if not we stay honest
she told me that its better to be critical than conscious
My sister, your fist is more symbolic than you know
And use it as a weapon if he calls you a...
hold up, did I mention i'm a pisces,
and all these other fish up in the sea would ever love you like me?
Inhale, the imagery, a queen walkin steadily
Hips sway sweetly to an old soul melody
I hold this memory close, she kept walkin
and thats when I wrote the first line to this song like...

It's like that yall, it's like this yall
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