Second Chapter Testo

Testo Second Chapter

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Now from the longest to the shortest, twenty-four in a year
From the verses to the chorus you've been longing to hear
The talk story transmitted through verses we persevere
We the presently lasting future first
From the spear to the sling shot
We rock upon a solid block of granite
We stand over the plan to hold the weapon with the fist
And heal it with an open hand
Feeling focused on the promise of a liberated land
And I'm just a simple man
Getting caught crossing the fire more often than not
The fire crosses us and the cross is on fire
Reminders it's not enough
It's been time to dig and find the diamonds in the rough
And then refine 'em in to weapons
To cut up the belly open til we all fall out
Cause the end of what it was is what it is right now
It's a great leap forward kind of different from now
Still drop it on the one like elevators to the ground

Now it's the turning of the page
To the second chapter
A tragedy and comedy so cue the blood and the laughter
To survivors of economic and natural disasters
Living for the right here and not the hereafter

A handful of tracks
Each a snapshot to capture the trials and tribulations
And smiles since you've been waiting awhile
We graduated in style
People of the word gather
Thank you all for your patience
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