Plight 217 Testo

Testo Plight 217

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
She made it
stumbling in over her baggage
taking it all on board
she couldn't take much more
but it's under control
where she can keep an eye and hold
you don't ever want to lose it in transit
find your seat
fish out your walkman, kate
find your breath again
you've had to run all the way to the gate to barely make it
what is it that you can't settle back there
that you settle so far back in your chair?
buckled up
buckling under
under sunglasses
they're to prevent this sight
not for protection
for now and not for brisbane
a tissue balled in a fist
headphones hissing away in your ears
a crackling ascent, loud and over the engines
the inertia isn't nursing
braced to arms not at all embracing
could this momentum over rob you of your weight?
at least you've got kinesis' blessing
and the heavens to thank you're further away
what is it that you can't settle down there
that you can't settle down while you're up here?
might this ending hard not calm down easier in just an hour'n a half?
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