Upright Testo

Testo Upright

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
You're taking water. You're losing shape. You're wide asleep. Wide asleep and fast awake. You read. You don't understand what you're reading. You pray. You can't believe what you're hearing. You've got to smile. You've got to smile with it out of shape. You can forgive yourself the time. All the time in the world, but not the space. You're underestimated and you're overboard. In the very moments you should be. You don't get angry anymore. Just tired of saying something. And tired from doing nothing. You keep taking water and passing faith. Looking like a heap while you're standing straight. Tired from doing nothing. You play for someone's daughter sincere and deep after waiting out the past five hours. And they're cruel enough make you appear polite and not take it personally. When you're tired. Tired of saying something

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