High School Party (Girl) Testo

Testo High School Party (Girl)

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
High School party, senior year
Boys and girls are all sippin' on beer
I like soda, where's the soda
Am I the only fucking person here that likes soda
I see you from across the crowd
I said the party is bumpin' and the music is loud
You're really drunk and you're looking sad
It's like a date rape ad

Girl, then we start to dance and
Girl, baby this is romance
Girl, I'm starting to grow down below, shit, why did I wear sweat pants
Girl, you're bodies like what
conjunction junction, that's a fine ass but
I'm like a cashew in a lollipop, Just keeping suckin' 'til you get to the nut

And I said
Let's rob an Asian kitchen, or stroll down the block
Either way girl, we're taking a walk(wok)…nothing?
You're going to love me the way my uncle did
Except you're not gonna to go to court for doin' it
Be a guillotine or my girl instead
Either way, you're giving me head
I'm gonna love you the right way
Shorty with a body looking hotty when I say

When I say girl

We go into the bedroom exchanging nervous laughter
Why's it called dry humping if I always need a towel after
You spread your naked legs and I see that wounded that never healed
Even though you're yelling for me, I can tell your lips are sealed
We're both aware of my erection
You ask if I have protection
I say Well um no...I-I tried to buy em once I was in the convenient store my old baby sitter walked in I had to hide them near the tic-tacs I was so embarrassed I peed myself a little bit


Insert a euphemism
A sexy mental prism
Increase my pelvic rhythm
For you with my syllogism
I know your body and I know how to please ya
Don't thank me, thank wikipedia
Guys don't go down, well I am-
What the fuck is that, I should have brought my diagram
Ooh did you feel that, that was an educated guess
Ooh did you feel that, uh that one was a sneeze, my bad

High school party, senior year
None of that happened cause I wasn't invited…hm
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