Love Ballad Testo

Testo Love Ballad

She got me with her looks, she got me with her stare,
Bright blue eyes and her long blonde hair,
From the start it was easy to see,
This was the girl for me.

Who cares if she was 83...

She could make me silent, she can make me shout.
And she drove me wild with those dentures out.
When we ate people said we were rude,
'Cause i had to pre-chew her food.

Her skin was saggy from her feet to her face,
I put my hand up her skirt... second base!
We made love and the more i thrust,
The more the room was covered in dust.

The room was covered in dust..

Then one day i felt a chill
As i woke up from our bed
She was lying there real still,
My little lady was already dead.
The wake happened on a saturday night,
I just sat there and bowed my head.
A little girl was on my right,
Crying because her grandma was dead.

And that little girl she...

Got me with her looks got me with her tears,
Feminine beauty beyond her years,
From the start it was easy to see.
That was the girl me.

Who cares if she was only 3...
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