My Sweet Baby Testo

Testo My Sweet Baby

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Baby (Oh yea)
Oh, Baby
My Sweet Baby... You're the one [x2]

Uh huh... I kno

[Verse 1:]
Well it's Mr. Obituary, put beats in a cemetery
I rip the beat ta pieces, like sheets in a dictionary
The teachers try tried ta teach me but I was sleepin in every class
I never passed
It didn't seem necessary
I'm super psychedelic
I'm smokin weed whit the fairies
And if drugs are bad, throw away every CD you carry
Cause' drugs have inspired every musical visionary
And this ain't even the album
So the thought alone should be scary
I do this for the geeks who feel they need ta compare me
I swear I'll push dhis button, give me a reason or dare me
And everything gets blown and everybody gets buried
And there you have it, I shot the track like Berry


[Verse 2:]
I kno, I kno, I kno
They tryna figure out, what's my business incentives
I'm simply tryna speak to who or whatever will listen
And reach out to the kids who the doctor prescribed whit Riddlin
So this for all'a ma aliens and all'a the indigo children
And anyone who said I would never see this position
Allow me to drop my pants and turn around for you ta kiss it
But that was the motivation I needed for me ta get it
And this has been a Bobby Ray powerpoint presentition
I mean... presentation...
Aww, whatever you don't care
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