The Kids Testo

Testo The Kids

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(feat. Janelle Monae)

The drugged boy's steady show time,
The streets don't give a damn.
They're filled with such pollution.
The kids don't stand a chance.

We're trapped inside a matrix,
Forced to play our hands,
We're filled with so much hatred.
The kids don't stand a chance

I said the kids don't, the kids don't stand
The kids don't stand a chance.

Well, since I was planted at birth,
I abandoned my own planet and I landed on earth.
As a kid I never understood what I observed, and
Some of it was strange, but most of it disturbed me.

Always in detention for the lack of my attention,
You can call it deficit, but really I just didn't listen.
And I was always missing, the teacher's like where is bobby simmons but
Trying to get a record deal is all I can remember.

It's funny cause looking back to the past that I had,
All my days in the streets trying to prove that I was bad,
I still elevated to the level that I'm at
I still elevated to the level that I'm at.


Sometimes it's hard to grow
While living in fear of the unknown.
How can he ever give love,
When no love is in his heart.

A child can barely sleep at night,
Too worried bout tomorrow.
And what it behold, he drowned himself,
Deep down in his sorrow.

Will you run or will you show your life,
Tell a stories, live and try.
See it when we're given hope,
That we would know we can grow.

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