Where Are You Testo

Testo Where Are You

Whatever happened to Bobby Ray, he used to be here for us
Then he got famous and left all of his fans in the dust
We never hear from you, you're constantly changing
And your relatives always miss you at family occasions
And your mother misses you too
Since all the fortune you've been too busy recording
Now she feels unimportant and your daddy's been going through it
Since he lost his mother
The least you could do is call him and show him, you support him
I never thought you would sell out
You're becoming so cocky
I asked you for a picture after your show
You walked right by me, I'm like
Aint this the dude that said that it aint about the price tag
Now on your records all that you do is brag
Come on Bob, I thought you was better than that dog
What happened to Cloud 9 and Generation Lost
You were my idol, just when I thought I give up on everything
I heard you play this familiar melody (melody, melody, melody)

Whatever happened to B.o.B. he once was my favourite
I swear to God that I had all of his mixtapes on my player
He was hood, but sooo different at the same time
It was like a breath of fresh air, everytime he rhymed
And everybody was on him and the world fell in love
The girls, the money, the lifestyle
All the above
I guess he's stopped giving a fuck
For all of his little people
With your shades on, we can't even see you
Is that what happens, when somebody makes it off of rapping
They taste the fame and change likes it just automatic
Where's the integrity? you on that other shit
You don't even sound the same, I liked your other shit
But we'll stand beside you, cause somewhere deep inside you
There's more than what meets the eye
I swear on the Bible you were my idol
Just when I thought I give up on everything
I heard you play this familiar melody (melody, melody, melody)
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