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Testo Rainbow Of Love

(Feat. Ben Onono)

your clear eye
is the most beautiful thing
like sunrise
over the sea

and when you smile with the day
your eyes are the warmest thing
share your yesterdays skin
and a new day begins

so even when clear skies
seem so far away
why go chasing rainbows
rainbows from your door

coz even all the clear skies
won't bring back yesterday
so why go chasing rainbows
rainbows from your door

thos who have seen
seen the phoenix rise
say even from the pyre
the dawn can still be beautiful

the sound of your sunrise
carries on the four winds
you shed yesterday's skin
and a new day begins


sometimes we want to run away
from a place long gone
sometimes we want to throw away
what we need for what we want
when it's time to move on, move on...

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