Been Around The World Testo

Testo Been Around The World

yeah uh
tour to tour
been around the world so many time it kinda scares me you know
that ive seen so many people, met so many people
seen so many faces, forgot so many faces
but its yours! baby its yours!
i sit wondering to myself what was god waiting on
let me tell you something
listen baby

[verse 1]
lately i cant sleep at night
cause constantly your on my mind
have i found in you
what no one else could do to me?
turn me on to something else
i just cant beleive myself
that your inside my system
and myself control is gone
but girl it feels so good

been around the world
and ive seen so many girls
but its you, baby, on my mind
ive been so many places
and yes ive seen so many faces
but its yours, baby, on my mind

[verse 2]
is it my imagination or could be
something got a hold of me
and i think that you the reason
for the smile thats on my face(YES)
now girl can you promise me
that you just take it easy
on my heart, will never part for the rest of our life
and ohhh i feels so good!!!

[chorus w/ adlibs]

is it me on your mind? (yeah)
is it you on my mind? (don't lie)
yes your all on my mind
boy thats for sure

and ohhhhh it feels so good!!!!

[chorus w/ adlibs]

i don't want nobody else baby
i don't need nobody else girl
[continue till fade]
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