Another Minute Testo

Testo Another Minute

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Wait, Another minute
I'm not finished yet
I'm not quite ready to go away, now
Steal another second
I caught you home
I feel so lonely and used
But I'm washing the bruises away

Waiting here for my reply
Even if I don't get it
Waiting here for my reply
I don't know how to die
I'm starting to believe it changes

Watch you for an hour
It's not over yet
It fades but I wont let go away now
No is not a reason, its not a thing to say
Now I just wont let it go
Obsession is close to breaking me


I never thought it wouldn't feel like yesterday
That you ran away
And now I'm older getting over my mistakes
I just lie awake
You gonna get pushed away I hate to say
That I knew right from the start
But you don't care you don't care