Discouraging Lie Testo

Testo Discouraging Lie

Every day
You sing the same old song
Do you ever wonder why you're
Singled out and all alone?

You always said,
That you'd stand your ground
Then you contradict yourself by
Letting all your bullshit out

Hey don't you know
Things aren't really the way they should flow
Find your place and go

Remember those,
That you have pushed away
Hope you realise that they,
Won't return the same again

When you're old,
Someday you'll be looking back
Maybe you'd be happy if,
You thought it through,
And never ran away

Think what you were gonna say
Think out what it is you know
Discouraging lie
You're all the same to me
A lonely isolated lie

We really don't care where it is you go
This song is just an observation told
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