Fragile Happiness Testo

Testo Fragile Happiness

Inserito il 24 Gennaio 2007
Lee Ryan arrestato per droga e guida in stato di ebbrezza
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Here today and on my way
It's time to make it all OK
You left me here I couldn't see solutions were in front of me

With this fragile happiness I'll start over today
I won't leave you here to suffer
It's not for everyone
I'd rather suffer for instead
Now that I have blown that cover
I have been suffering
If you're not suffering instead

Pain and observation meet
Reality's an easy street
Alone is not so hard to be
She's gone
Just gone away from me

With this fragile happiness...

There's no reason why you can't be happy with the things you have
There's no reason why you need me now Just have to learn to be alone

Scarica la suoneria di Fragile Happiness!
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