Gee And Al Testo

Testo Gee And Al

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
You say the same thing every time
And I can't figure out just why
I can't feel this way I don't need to
Am I blind 'cos I can't see
The reason you and I should be
I don't know what to say
Words might never come your way

Because everything you do for me
I would never do for you

I can't tell you why
'Cause if I try I'd lie to you
My one track mind, your too kind
Can't think of feelings I should show
For what reason I don't know
These things are hard to say
You know they'll end up complicated

Because everything you do for me
I would never do for you

I can feel you wasting my time
I can see you trying to read my mind
So many things you could know
Well just forget it, just forget it I should go
I feel you wasting my time It I tried, I'd lie to you
Always say the same things
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