Letter Never Sent Testo

Testo Letter Never Sent

I know you don't think to often about our ways
Now I can see what's up
Taken time from our hands
Do you know how you stand?
Changed our views
Hoping we can pull through
Still I need to know what we need to satisfy.
It's not like friends to ever say goodbye.

This letter never sent is all I have
It's all I need to say
This letter never sent
It represents one thought of sense today

It's said a young heart never mends
I'll dispute it
Shits hit more than once
Do I see through blind eyes
Can you ace that disguise.
Don't presume I have regret
I'm glad we met
Cos now I know what we have isn't wrong or right
We can't change that
I've realised this tonight

This letter never sent....

I've been hoping for some way to tell you and...
I've got letters in my head not sent too.
Last chance to tell you.
Can't think up the words to write to you
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