One More Chance Testo

Testo One More Chance

I can't sleep, cause I wont wake up again
I can't read, but the writings on the wall
I lied, but I told the truth again
Got so much, I got nothing

Now I've lost the moment
Now I've lost all my control
But I've got the reason I should fight
It's trapped inside

One more chance to make it up to you
One more chance to make it right
One more chance to make a difference
All the simple things are more than worth the fight

I can't move, when I should step aside
I can't speak but I've got so much to say
I can't love cause I don't feel anything
I can't live but im to young to die


I know, that its taking me over slowly
I know, but it's better than feeling lonely
A picture on the wall
A picture on the wall
Is better that feeling lonely
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