Running Out Of Time Testo

Testo Running Out Of Time

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Sell your car and buy a boat, it's not that far away.
It won't be long if I'm not wrong we'll be dead or sailin on.

The countdown started years ago, the warning signs are here,
And this is one, when the big one comes I'll be safe in knowing fear.

They couldn't touch me anyway.

Can't sleep
Can't talk too
You know we're runnin out of time

Can't sleep
Can't talk too
You know we're runnin out of time

Save yourself it's all in doubt, the world might end today.
For every right there's a lot gone wrong, still we made here today,
It's all we really know for sure it's all we've ever known.
We're part of the problem now, only know what we've been shown.

If paranoia keeps you sane
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