A Girl Named Jerk Testo

Testo A Girl Named Jerk

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
I'm so frustrated I'm so confused
Every time I think about the weather
I can't help but think about you
The government tells us dirty lies,
The media covers up our eyes
So we never see the whole truth
It kinda reminds me... reminds me of you!
And the way that you pollute the air
It's really bad cause you don't even care,
See, you don't care about anybody else
It surprises me that you even care about yourself.
Do you care about yourself?
You don't want me you want something else
And that's just fine because I've got my health
See I don't need you I believe in myself
You're so pathetic, why don't you go fuck yourself
Cause who really cares if you're wealthy
And what else matters if you're not healthy
I'm still frustrated I'm still confused
But I like to think I'm getting better
Cause I don't as often think about you
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