Circles To Hearts Testo

Testo Circles To Hearts

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Do you remember when we were friends such a long time ago?
When we would skateboard and dumpsterdive in the sun rain and snow?
When we would meet up down by the river and imagine a world,
One where the sunlight doesn't fall upon the smog, pollution and smoke?

Well, i remember those days and i wanna get them back
Early mornings spent walking to and from the railroad tracks
Having practice in the park, our world was black and red
We would try out recipes made out of dumpstered bread
And nothing could stop us, we were invincible
Spray painting where we could, an A inside of a circle
And then i got a road bike to replace my car
It was about that time when my circle became a heart

Well, i wish that summer would never end
Shot the tube with our heroes and with our best friends
The world was easy and the world was ours
But our eyes were bigger than our hearts

Well, i remember those days when it was just you and me...
Shit, i can't remember the rest. i'll get billy to post them. sorry!
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