Dead Girls Testo

Testo Dead Girls

All the beauty that i've ever seen nothing compared to this.
With all the vultures around it seemed such a waste.

Remember the simple things,
because now I won't stop until everything you loved has gone.

And we have taken for granted the things that matter the most.
Through all thats been said, nothing has changed.

This whore's gone wrong,
and people crowd.
I'll cut these ties.

I wouldn't have worked at trying to be nice,
if I knew how this would end,
and you won't be here any longer.

All I hear is \"She don't eat meat\".

Don't wake me up from this dream I have.
Stand alone, standing in the rain,
and i've never had all of this.

Dead girls don't say no.

Don't wake me up from this dream I have,
where I always stand here,
waiting here in the rain.

I'm sick and tired of being right here,
standing alone in the rain.
Wake me up for the sunset,
i'm dying to feel that again.

It's all I have left.
But i'll always stand here waiting,
waiting here in the end.
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